📷 Aaron Schwartz

Korua Shapes: Yearning for Turning vol.6 – Carve Oddity

Korua Shapes are back with their latest release from their highly rated Yearning for Turning series called Carve Oddity. As usual, they seem to raise the bar for follow-cam edits with some gripping POV video work. Carving Oddity is mostly filmed in Switzerland but a few Hokkaido powder clips have managed to sneak in. The team made it out to Furano at the end of last February and were able to score some good conditions.

Carve Oddity Atsufumi Mizuno1
Atsufumi Mizuno tries to escape the powder cloud 📷 Aaron Schwartz
Carve Oddity Nicholas
Nicholas Wolken doing his thing 📷 Aaron Schwartz

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