Yukiguni – Antti Autti deep in Niigata’s snow country

Antti Autti is no stranger to getting deep in Japan. Following on from his onsen-hopping in Hokkaido, ‘YUKIGUNI’ focuses specifically on the area around Minamiuonuma city, Niigata that he visited back in 2015’s Statements: Turning and Burning.

This short film artistically captures both the feeling of travelling from the bustle of Tokyo into the serenity of snow country, and the timeless powder shredding of Antti Autti.  Bringing together the talented of mix of Korua Shapes ambassador Antti Autti, with director, filmer and editor by Iisakki Kennilä, alongside local guide Takumi Nagai as producer has created a short film that communicates some of the best feelings of riding in Japan. Put on your powder goggles and enjoy…

 “Through the tunnel, into the vast area of snow. There is a place not far from Tokyo. An area of unique snow culture. For a snowboarder, it is a place of joy that allows him to leave tracks on top of the white surface that storms coming from the Japan sea create. This place is Snow Country, also known as YUKIGUNI.”

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