KORUA SHAPES: ‘Sunōkeru’

Celebrating the magic of a powder-heavy trip around Hokkaido, ‘Sunōkeru’ is the beautifully shot and edited follow up to Korua Shapes’ Yearning For Turning series.

If you’ve had one of those epicly deep ‘only in Japan’ days, you’ll know what they mean by ‘Sunōkeru’ – the Japanese katakana pronunciation of “snorkel”. Snow so deep, you’re struggling to breathe. Chasing that powder dream is high on most snowboarders wish list, and that makes this edit highly relatable.

In line with their #madeforturning philosophy, Sunōkeru has a nice mix of classic angles, well shot follow-cam and drone footage, giving you the feeling of being there with them. A few minutes in, I felt so immersed in the snow that I forgot it was in black and white until it cut to a lifestyle scene! 

With the kind of riding that is all about making the most of the snow and terrain, this is a 9 minutes of Japanese winter you can throw on before riding and be stoked to make the most of any day of the hill, wherever you are. 

KORUA say:

“«SUNŌKERU» follows us on a pow-devouring journey to the land of the rising sun. Hungry for bottomless powder, our crew packed their bags and headed for the snowy hills of Hokkaido for a two-week adventure, boards and snorkels in hand. Seasoned veterans Nicholas Wolken and Atsufumi Mizuno were joined by the fresh energy of our new friend Spencer O’Brien and the young legs of Lars Popp. Christoph Thoresen, Markus Fischer, and Neil Hartmann rounded out the gang behind the lenses, and together we aimed to take full advantage of all the things Japan is known and loved for, consistent snowfall and ramen included. We hope it shows! Enjoy.”

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