VIDEO: 241 and Green Lab Hokkaido Trip

241 green lab Hokkaido video

Inspired by Mike Basich and his many DIY projects, the 241 clothing Japan team took a trip to Hokkaido in their own tiny house trailer…. but it’s not just ‘instagram-perfect’ moments; within an hour of arriving in Hokkaido their tiny house needed repairs, but with the help of Hokkaido locals these three riders from Honshu made this one to remember…. 

Featured riders:

Satoshi Saitou
Go Biyajima
Toshitaka Nakamura
Jiro Nakayama

Edited by OKAKEN cinema
Filmed by Shunsuke Takama and ‘328

The 241 Japan crew give special thanks to: 

Naohiro DKC Yoshida
Miyachan (TRIAL Teineyama)
GREEN LAB. snowboards

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