📷 Aaron Schwartz

Korua Shapes: Yearning for Turning vol.5 – Hokkaido Hustle

Korua Shapes have dropped the fifth installment of their Yearning for Turning series, called Hokkaido Hustle. It’s nice to see Ishikawa local, Atsufumi Mizuno getting the opening spot…singing karaoke! As always, this video is chock full of mouth watering turns in Hokkaido deep powder. They did their trip Car Danchi style – going from spot to spot in a camper van and spending the nights huddled up in sleeping bags. This meant they could park right next to the zones they wanted to shred the next day for early starts.

We caught up with Nicholas Wolken and Aaron Schwartz when they came to Hakuba for a few days to check out Happo Banks at the end of their trip. Although we didn’t have any powder to offer them, we did have the time for a couple of interviews. If you haven’t already, check out Nicholas’ here and Aaron’s here.

Get more info on Korua Shapes at their official site.

Hokkaido Hustle van
📷 Aaron Schwartz