W.O.W. 7.08 – SNOW NINJA

Wow 7 episode 8 Feature Image

The latest slice of Japanese creativity/craziness from WOW is here… and it’s Ninja time …de gozaru!*

WOW (“Week Of Weird”) to give it its full name, is now in its seventh series and has built up quite a cult following in Japan and abroad. It’s amazing how Doggy (legendary Japanese pro rider Keijiro Kasahara) and his faithful apprentice ‘London’ keep coming up with new ideas for each episode. If you are ever feeling uninspired, give WOW a watch as they replace the epic X-Games style spectacle of snowboarding with making your own fun and a healthy dose of humour and absurdity.

*Japan Grabs cultural insight corner: “de gozaru” (でござる) as Doggy enjoys saying at the end of his sentences is old style Japanese, something like a cool ninja equivalent of a medieval knight in shining armour saying “and henceforth so it shall be thus” instead of “will do”.

Happy Ninja-ing!