Ride Snowboards Japan: Tohoku Team Meeting

Join the Ride snowboards Japan team as they came together in Tohoku for a team meeting/video shoot last January. The Tohoku area is the northernmost region of Japan’s main island, Honshu, and largely gets overlooked as the snow tourists fly directly to Hokkaido further north. Those in the know, however, are perfectly happy with the masses going straight to Niseko and tracking it all out up there.

The Ride team based themselves near the base of Appi Kogen resort, within striking distance of the avy barriers and deep powder trees of the Hachimantai backcountry, on the border of Iwate and Akita prefectures. They then moved up to Aomori prefecture for some untouched powder lines around Aomori Spring Resort. For those wondering what Tohoku riding is like, and for a chance to see the 2020 Ride snowboards in action, Tohoku Team Meeting is a recommended watch.

Full rider list: Kenji Ando, Ryu Nonogaki, Hiroki Matsuura, Kei Nakanishi, Sayaka Kato, Masaki Kitae, Yusaku Horii