K2 Snowboarding Japan: Team Edit 2020

K2 Snowboarding Japan have kicked off the winter stoke with their annual team edit. As always it does a good job of letting you know what 2021 board each Japanese team rider is on. Last winter might have been the worst on record for snow in Japan, but they clearly put in work to make the best of it. It’s no surprise that backcountry regular Takaoki “Hassy” Hashimoto and Hakuba-based guides Yu Takeo and Akiko Mori found the goods on their splitboards, but stay tuned to the end for Hachi crew rider Keita Yamazaki sending it on his Simple Pleasures in a short but tasty appearance. See what we thought of the 156 Simple Pleasures Keita rides and its little sibling in our in depth 151 Simple Pleasures review. As for Yo Amagai’s Niseko Pleasures, we’ll have a deep review dropping this winter for you too once we’ve finished testing it in all conditions.

Now, who’s ready for some snow?!

Yo Amagai talking and turning with the Niseko Pleasures, and Ryuji Takai getting the goods on his Simple Pleasures;

We’ve all done this… ollie to powder explosion fun! 

Full rider list: 
Yo Amagai, Daisuke Watanabe, Daisuke Murakami, Atsushi Yamaki. Takaoki “HASSY” Hashimoto, Ryuji Takai, Toshitaka Nakamura, Masakazu Sato, Shimpei Asaga, Jinichiro Abe, Sachi Tanaka, Yukie Ueda, Yu Takeo, Ryo Kimura, Masato Morikawa, Masaki Mitsuhisa, Akiko Mori, and Keita Yamazaki.