Protect Our Winters Japan event: Film screening and win a Jones snowboard

Jeremy Jones’ environmental charity ‘POW’ – Protect Our Winters – now has a Japanese national level presence, Protect Our Winters Japan. Everyone likes ‘Japow’ but talk to locals in Hakuba and beyond and you’ll hear tales of the amount of snow they used to get. Increasingly capricious snowfall patterns, shorter winters and warmer summers are all mentioned in stark contrast to the past. Moved by this Protect Our Winters Japan is kicking off their activities with a double film screening and Jones snowboard giveaway this Saturday April 1st, at Wing 21 in Hakuba:

For the 500 yen donation you get to watch two films on the big screen and entry into the raffle to win one of the nicest looking powder boards, the Jones Stormchaser – a sharp-carving powder shape heavily influenced by Jeremey Jones’ time riding in Japan:

Jones Storm Chaser
Who wants to win this beauty?

It may have been a few years since FURTHER was released, but to kick back and watch it on a cinema screen – and have the chance of winning a powder board – for the price of one beer? Sounds good to us. Here’s the trailer to whet your appetite:

There will also be a screening of surf movie ‘Double Barrel’ – a surf documentary focusing on Lobitos, a small town in northern Peru. Australian journalist Angie Davis and Peruvian surf guideHarold Koechlin draw a picture of a town seeking to transition away from the oil industry. Looking at how international visitors drawn by the waves and locals can share awareness of environmental resources to work towards a more sustainable future unique to that location. As well as being beautifully shot, it should serve to generate dialogue about future sustainable development for Hakuba’s year-round future. Here’s the trailer for ‘Double Barrel’:

For more event info and directions, follow their Facebook page here.
See you there!