POSTCARDS FROM NISEKO: Powder Dreams Realized

Powder Dreams Realized Featured Image
📷 Charlie Wood

Postcards from Niseko is a new series for ’17-’18 we have developed with Rome SDS Ambassador, Evan Wilcox. He will be sending us digital postcards from Niseko, sharing images and videos of the famed japow, and detailing the adventures he gets up to.


Powder Dreams Realized

Powder Dreams Realized Panorama
📷 Steve Golter

Spring has arrived in Niseko, and it has given me some time to reflect on what was undoubtedly the best winter of my life. The snow has been relentlessly wonderful from mid-November until the beginning of March. As of late February, the village had received over 14 meters of snow. After watching how much more it snowed on the peak of the resort compared to down low, I’m estimating that the top accumulated about 20 meters!



Thinking back on this is incredible for me. I’ve been waiting all my life to experience a winter like this, and I can truly say that my powder dreams have been realized. Waking up a few minutes drive from the lifts where perfect dry and deep powder was a daily occurrence was such a gift.

Powder Dreams Realized Honda
📷 Daniel Honda

There were many times when I was exhausted, looking at my buried car early in the morning and thinking, “Another powder day?” But I had to ride. My work at Hanazono gave me the freedom to get out on the hill every day, often riding lifts an hour before official opening. Those days were long, waking up at 5:45 a.m., boarding and shooting, working, then getting home at 8 p.m. to cook dinner and do it all again. However I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Powder Dreams Realized portrait
📷 Toshi Pander

The deep days were so consistent that it became commonplace. Riding perfect snow almost lost its magic. However now that the weather is shifting, I’m hungry for the famous japow again. Here’s to some big spring dumps that Niseko is capable of bringing!

Powder Dreams Realized Yotei crater
The Mt. Yotei crater

Reminiscing on all the accomplishments this winter puts a smile on my face. I splitboarded to the peak of Mt. Yotei, logged perfect sunny bottomless footage in the backcountry, lapped Strawberry Fields at Hanazono before it opened, made amazing connections in snowboarding worldwide, and used my car to travel further and explore new backcountry zones. Thank you to everyone who made this winter the best one of my life!
Powder Dreams Realized Evan

Hello from Hokkaido! I'm Evan. I'm from Portland, Oregon, but now call Niseko my home. A few uninspiring snow years in the US left me with a hunger for deep snow, which let me to pick up and move to the snowiest place on earth. I now work marketing for Hanazono Niseko Resort and have the freedom to ride and explore these incredible mountains blessed with that world-famous japow. Follow my adventures here through Japan Grabs' Postcards!