Mt. Familia – the origins of Inner Focus

Tsutomu Endo Hakuba Inner Focus Mt Familia

A beautiful look into the Hakuba home mountains of photographer Tsutomu Endo

Photographer Tsutomu Endo grew up right at the gateway to the Hakuba Valley, and has been exploring Hakuba’s mountains camera in hand – and ripping line down them too – for the last 25 years. While being called upon as a local guide by visiting international pro riders, and traveling around the world to visit their spots in return, has seen him forge connections deep in the international shred community, it’s his local community that he comes back to – his ‘Mountain Familia’ that is has forged him and his artistic vision. Beautifully filmed and edited by Go Ito, this well worth your time to watch…   

Filming and Edit by : Go Ito
Directed by : Masahiro Imaoka
Translator : Rowan White
Snowboarder : Takashi Minamiura, Yuta Kobayashi
Production : Sannomaru Artworks
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