Lifeline 2: Kaze now On Demand!

Hakuba local crew, Hachi released their new movie, Lifeline 2 “Kaze” back on December 18th as we reported, and it’s a definite ‘must-see’ shred flick. They just announced today that the movie is now available on Vimeo On Demand for rental or download. This is perfect for those of you abroad or who can’t easily get to Garage 902 or VEX in Hakuba, or Powerbomb in Yokohama.

At Vimeo, you are now able to rent it for 964 yen or buy it for 1566 yen. Buying it gives you a download and unlimited streaming on Vimeo. Renting it lets you stream it for 24 hours.


They write:

This movie, our debut full-length release, has a special importance for us. This movie including our lost brother Kyota Miyake’s last full part and it will include his previously released footage from his younger days.
We want to give everybody a glimpse into his life. He always took the direct line with his laid back style, in life and on his board. He had a unique energy and always came through in the clutch with the best shots.
We were as tight as brothers, and his passing has made us change the way we think about snowboarding. At first, we didn’t want to snowboard anymore. Then we realized that we had to keep doing what needed to be done, and so we are releasing this full-length movie.
Making this in Kyota Miyake’s memory is difficult emotionally but we need to do this for ourselves too. This is not only Kyota Miyake’s footage but also the places we wanted to go with him, the tricks we wanted to land, the things we wanted to accomplish together.
We all ride together. Now and forever.

Hachi Lifeline 2 DVD Cover