Holy Bowly video on 8mm film from YONEFILM / LIVE NATURALLY

With the 4th annual Holy Bowly just around the corner, Lib Tech just dropped this edit of the previous years of Holy Bowly from Japanese ‘Live Naturally’ creator, Yonefilm. Shot entirely on super 8 film and with the Wes Makepeace track, it captures the vibe of the event perfectly and feels like watching a classic snowboard video. It’s not just film grain nostalgia though- there’s plenty of action too from Ted Borland, Scott Blum, Austin Hironaka, Wes Wakepeace and Jamie Lynn, among many others.

While bowl events have been happening in Japan for many years, Holy Bowly represented the mixing of this Japanese roots snowboard culture with a more airtime-focussed North American style, brought to the mix by Krush from Snowboy Productions. The result was pure fun: the 2014 bowl at Tenjindaira was one of the best features I have ridden. In 2015 the event migrated from Japan to Park City, Utah and this year Mammoth will host the 4th annual incarnation. The Hachi crew from Hakuba will be there, and it’s this mixing of these snowboard cultures that makes the event so special.