GoPro: Japan Snow – The Search for Perfection in 4K

GoPro: Japan Snow – The search for Perfection in 4K, is quite a mouthful for a title and clocking in at 13 and half minutes it is quite long for a commercial….but it really is quite stunning. It’s all about the high quality footage of John Jackson and skier, Chris Benchetler riding lines in Hakuba and Hokkaido, interspersed with beautiful scenics of Japanese life.

John Jackson looks to be riding a rockered board from Signal, called the Troubadour, but as he’s known to prefer really stiff cambered decks, it may just a topsheet on a prototype for his new promodel, the John Jackson Sierra series. The graphics look great and I can see some people trying to collect all five to hang on their walls.

Signal Sierra Snowboard Line

Also check out Will Jackways’ Bento video for a different angle on the climactic pillow drop at 7:45. It’s more lo-fi than this one but still worth a watch.