Tadashi Fuse Day In The Life from Billabong and Lifestyle Project

A Day In The Life – Tadashi Fuse

Billabong and Lifestyle Project have just dropped a pearl of a “Day In The Life” with Tadashi Fuse, filmed by his longtime filmer and photographer sidekick, Taro Koeji. Having risen to global prominence based in Whistler, Tadashi made the move back to Japan with his family. In this video you get a glimpse of why… riding deep powder, with and without bindings.

He crafts his own ‘yuki ita’ and sums up that experience perfectly; from the first encounter of “huh? you can stand on that thing?” to the final “wooo hoooo!” via the rewarding process of cutting and crafting your own shape. For anyone thinking of giving it a try, go for it. Making your first few turns on your own creation is an amazing feeling – that you can hear in the voice of Tadashi who has probably had more powder slashes than we’ve had hot dinners. Enjoy this video… then get the tools out!